October 19, 2017


Bolaji Ola-Adams

Bolaji Ola Adams is an author of several influential personal and professional development books. His material is based on his experience as a foreign consultant, business owner, and advisor to many high profile CEOs in his home country of Nigeria. Among his latest books are:

  1. Money Grows on Trees
  2. Giant Strides
  3. Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense
  4. The Indispensable Executive
  5. Conspiracy

In 2017 while in Seattle, he founded Ola-Adams International LLC, a team dedicated to bringing global partnerships between businesses and non-profits.

Bolaji is married to his lovely wife Naomi and together they have a charming daughter, Toluwami, and two virile boys Mobolaji and Akinola.

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Bolaji Ola-Adams is a competent entrepreneur who owns two successful self-sufficient businesses; T.C. Consult Services and Mowana Holdings.


T.C. Consult Services

T.C. Consult Services is a full-fledged human and enterprise optimization consulting group with a mission to help individuals, organizations and nations to find ways of becoming all they desire to become. T.C Consult Services has three distinctive professional departments;

  • Training Development
  • Consulting
  • Learning Resources Research and Development

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Mowana Holdings

Mowana Holdings is a VENTURE CAPITAL company, investing in the critical sectors of various economies. Our mission is to build people, capture markets and expand business frontiers.
With a team of seasoned business and technical people who have varied years of experience on Risk Analysis, Market Penetration, Capital Flow, Human Resources Productivity, Product Development/Enhancement, Systems, Communication, and Legal Protection, we create huge ROI (Return On Investment) for our stakeholders.

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Ola-Adams International

Ola-Adams International LLC is the International Corporate office of Mr Bolaji Ola-Adams. The organization is set up to promote and oversee all International Speaking Events, Tours, Media, Books, Podcast, Audio and Video Materials of Bolaji Ola-Adams.

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Bolaji Ola-Adams currently serves on the board of a number of companies, offering professional advice that greatly impacts on the productivity and growth of these companies. He is a personal coach to several Chairmen and C.E.Os, helping them to articulate their individual and corporate visions while asking relevant questions that create the enabling environment that gives room for the development of strategies that makes the result they want to achieve attainable.

He speaks yearly in numerous seminars and conferences around the world, creating positive responses in his audience and helping them to realize that it is within the power of everyone to create the future they hope for. He believes that any negative circumstance can be turned into positive if the essential principles are understood and implemented.

He speaks passionately on the theme of empowerment, financial well being, leadership, business strategy and self-development.

With great commitment and passion, Bolaji Ola-Adams pushes his insightful information to every nook and cranny of the society with every resource available.