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Ola-Adams International LLC is the International Corporate office of Mr Bolaji Ola-Adams in Seattle, Washington State, USA. The organisation is set up to promote and oversee all International Speaking Events, Tours, Media, Books, Podcast, Audio and Video Materials of Bolaji Ola-Adams. The organisation will be propagating the ideals of its Chairman which are; Empowerment, Self-Discovery,[…]

The Indispensable Executive

The Indispensable Executive is book about the knowledge-based economy and how to re-invent yourself to perform better in anything. We now live in a knowledge based economy. The man or woman who knows the what and how of what must be done, will ultimately name their own price. This book addresses salient issues. It showcases[…]

Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense

Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense is a guide to finding your learning pattern and making you become the best you can be. This book is a guide to practically help any student achieve success in their academics and help teachers to understand the learning pattern of students to teach effectively and efficiently. This book is[…]

Bolaji Ola-Adams

Bolaji Ola-Adams

About Bolaji Ola-Adams Bolaji Ola-Adams is an author, motivational Speaker and an entrepreneur. He is a passionate, courageous, and a creative thinker. He is a Strategy Formulation Expert, Human Resources Management Consultant, Business Adviser, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Businessman. Bolaji Ola-Adams is married to a lovely wife (Naomi), a charming daughter (Toluwanimi) and two[…]