October 19, 2017


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Ola-Adams International LLC.

Ola-Adams International LLC. is the International Corporate office of Mr Bolaji Ola-Adams. The organisation is set up to promote and oversee all International Speaking Events, Tours, Media, Books, Podcast, Audio and Video Materials of Bolaji Ola-Adams.

The organisation will be propagating the ideals of its Chairman which are; Empowerment, Self-Discovery, Leadership, Wealth Creation, Personal Fulfilment, Enriching Relationships and leaving a Legacy.

Ola-Adams International LLC will be collaborating with well-meaning individuals and organisations that share a similar vision with to create resources and materials that will make people everywhere find the inspiration and strategies to help them live more fulfilling lives.

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T.C. Consult Services

T.C. Consult Services is a full-fledged human and enterprise optimization consulting group with a mission to help individuals, organizations and nations to find ways of becoming all they desire to become. T.C Consult Services has three distinctive professional departments;

  • Training Development
  • Consulting
  • Learning Resources Research and Development

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Mowana Holdings

Mowana Holdings is a venture capital company, investing in the critical sectors of various economies. Mission being building people, capturing markets and expanding business frontiers.

With a team of seasoned business and technical people who have varied years of experience on Risk Analysis, Market Penetration, Capital Flow, Human Resources Productivity, Product Development/Enhancement, Systems, Communication, and Legal Protection, we create huge ROI (Return On Investment) for our stakeholders.

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